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International Trade Interview - Coleman Cheng: The Perfect Score to Tooling Life [2013/11/25]



Written by: Yu Sheng Chen/ Marketing Research
Published: 2013/11/13

Although the Taiwan's molding industry is faced with rise of China and South Korea's mold industry, Coleman Cheng rely on producing highest-quality product to reduce these impact; at a very competitive price with quality control reputable among customers around the world.

Though a mechnical engineering major, Coleman Cheng said he had never considered molding industry throughout his schooling until he came across an opportunity to work at a molding company upon graduation.  He said that maybe it was because he had the determination to fulfill the "Taipei Dream" when he decided to move from Central Taiwan to Taipei, he became very persistent with the job.  Furthermore, ever since he stepped foot into this industry, the customers were always chasing his tail.  With the burdern to achieve client's expectations for quality production as well as accomodating their various requests throughout mold production, the idea of career change never came across Cheng's mind.  Either way, Cheng was brought to molding by fate.

The most memorable experience: Working with Dyson

Throughout his molding career, one of Cheng's most memorable experiences was his experience working British technology company, Dyson.  Cheng recalled said when he first approached Dyson Ltd, the company had just started and wanted to create a product that would revolutionize the way people vaccum and satisfy the British market.  As a result, Dyson had a strict confedentialiy requirement throughout the mold designing process, consistently requesting Cheng not to produce the vaccuum they have designed and always comply to their confidentiality agreement.

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